Computer Human Adapted Interaction (CHAI) Research Group

CHAI aims to create new technologies for personalised, pervasive interaction. We are building the theoretical foundations, technical infrastructure and new interfaces to support new forms of interaction to improve our lives in many contexts.

We are creating systems and new interfaces that address central human needs. So, for example, one strand of our research creates new systems that elderly people can use effectively. One of the core areas for our work is creating personalised lifelong learning systems, matching a Grand Challenge recognised by peak bodies such as the USA National Academy of Engineering (2008), the CRA Computing Research Association, USA (2003), United Kingdom Computing Research Committee, UKCRC (2008) and Microsoft’s 2020 vision for HCI (2008). We are working to create new advanced learning technologies for lifelong learning, with the goal to enable people to learn precisely when and where they need to, with learning resources delivered just for them, taking account of their existing knowledge and preferred ways of learning.