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CHAI’s Mike Seymour appeared on ABC’s Catalyst

Mike Seymour and his research on photorealistic interactive digital avatars appeared on ABC’s Catalyst episode “Meet The Avatars” a few weeks ago. The episode explores the theory and technology behind using VR for physical and psychological therapy and explores the application of this technology in creating a interactive digital clone (their avatar) of a loved one. […]

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Associate Professor Kalina Yacef from the School of Information Technologies has been selected to participate in the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Sponsorship Program.

This program aims to accelerate the careers of high-potential, culturally- and linguistically-diverse women in regard to the dominant culture at the University, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from both Professional and Academic career paths. Associate Professor Yacef, along with 12 other career-focused female leaders, will be provided with development to expand their leadership […]

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Australian Scientists Declare Virtual Reality Is Officially Considered Exercise

When you look at almost any study about the physical and mental benefits of video games, you’ll find a reference to “exergames”. Games like Wii Sports, and Just Dance on the Kinect – the kinds of games specifically designed to get you active. Even though is wasn’t explicitly designed to be, Virtual Reality is now considered a part of this group – thanks to a University of Sydney study revealing just how much physical exertion the games require. (Spoiler: sometimes it’s a lot)

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Honours Projects – 2017

CHAI has many many projects on human-centred technology for Honours students. We tailor these to meet the particular background, expertise and aspirations of the individual student. Look at our project pages for the broad areas of our work and indications of our projects.

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