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Studying Adherence: making use of activity tracker data.

Increasingly, people are collecting detailed personal activity data from commercial devices such as Fitbit or smartphones. For individuals, this may provide insights that help them achieve long term health goals. Such data can also provide important insights about cohorts and populations. We aim to address the challenges in harnessing this incomplete data by taking account of people’s adherence, a measure of the completeness of activity tracker data.

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Calendar Chart Visualization

iStuckWithIt: Making use of Long Term Health & Physical Activity Tracking Data

Increasingly, people are amassing long term physical activity data which could play an important role for reflection. However, it is not clear if and how existing trackers use their long term data and incomplete data is a potential challenge. We introduced the notion of adherence to design iStuckWithIt, a custom calendar display that integrates and embeds daily adherence (days with data and days without), hourly adherence (hours of wear each day) and goal adherence (days people achieved their activity goals).

This work makes two main contributions: new understanding of the ways that long term trackers have used and understand their data; the design and evaluation of iStuckWithIt demonstrating that people can gain new insights through designs that embed daily, hourly adherence data with goal adherence.

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HUMPHRe System: ‘Homebased Uptake of Multifaceted Preventative Healthcare and Rehabilitation System’ to Promote Ageing in Place for Vulnerable Elders

This project aims to help who need to significantly improve their balance to avoid falls. This is important for aging-in-place, especially for people with conditions with a high risk of falls and mobility impairment. This includes other neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal conditions such as hip […]

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Extracting food intake patterns of young Australian adults

This interdisciplinary project explores the role food prepared outside the home versus within the home plays in the diets of young adults. This original approach is to use our newly designed and tested Smartphone application, that transforms data collection and processing, and continuous digital photography.

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SAL is a simple, situated ambient logger device. It has been designed to help people achieve long-term goals for good health and well-being goals. One important way it does this is by enabling people to build tiny habits, such as taking breaks from computer use, putting sunscreen on each morning and eating the recommended 5 […]

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Monitoring physical activity behaviours for the iEngage project

The iEngage project leverages new technologies to help promoting healthier behaviours in children with regard to physical activity and nutrition. Its digital platform provides children with information, education and skills set to achieve their physical activity and nutrition goals. The platform also connects with the activity trackers to provide continuous feedback and summarise the daily […]

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