Studying With Us

Postgraduate Study


We receive many applications from potential postgraduate students. If you would like to join work with us, you first need to meet the University and School of IT requirements. You can find relevant application forms for local and international applications. You also need a suitable background in terms of academic studies and experience. The CHAI lab is a systems lab with a strong technical orientation so students would be expected to demonstrate excellent technical skills for most thesis projects and there are some projects that are primarily user studies for which a strong HCI background is needed.

To apply to join our lab, you need to provide the following:

  1. Statement of research interest – you should consult the research page to see what we are doing and check out recent publications so you have a better sense of just what we are working on and from this, if you are still interested, you should write a short statement of what areas you find interesting and would like to work on.
  2. Statement of your funding situation, what scholarships you have applied for and other relevant information indicating how you will ensure you will be able to study for the duration of a thesis project
  3. Curriculum vitae (including your academic transcript) with particular care to point to the relevant background and skills in areas most relevant to our research. To earn a place in our research group, you need excellent technical skills and the ability to learn new ones. Some of our work involves studies in human computer interaction and intelligent teaching systems and if you are interested in those, you should point to relevant background and skills.
  4. Contact three referees who will be willing to send a confidential report directly to, commenting on your technical competence, ability to work with others, written and spoken communication skills.

In addition, you will need to meet general requirements of the School and the University. For information about this and scholarships, please consult Future postgraduate – research. There is also useful information on the page with details of how to apply. Also, take time to check the scholarships.

Overseas students should note that the only way to gain funding for the cost of tuition is to apply for one of the very competitive overseas student scholarships – information is available at the above url.

You should also, in parallel, register at Research Supervisor Connect Enquiries. You should put the name of supervisors or topics into the search box.

Entry Process

Once we have received all the above materials, the CHAI research committee will meet to review your application. The committee meets once per week. After this meeting, successful applicants will receive mail to organise an interview with the committee (which also conducts telephone interviews for students outside the Sydney area).


We receive a huge number of requests for internships and cannot accommodate most of them. If you are interested in joining us, please follow the same application process as described above for postgraduate students.

Weekly activities for research students

Some of the activities you should be involved in include:

  • CHAI seminar noon Mondays in school of IT Board Room 124.